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What is "Nobi Lesson"?

Giving You the Right Direction - The Best Kick Start of Your Learning Japanese Journey

Watching my channel, Do you want to talk with native Japanese? And, are you about to start learning Japanese?

Before you get into Japanese language,
Your progress will be 100 times faster if you take this course!

The Right Mindset

The Right Mindset

If you want to become a master, you need to think like one. Don’t underestimate the impact your inner-thoughts have on how you approach to Japanese language.
The Truth of Japanese Language

The Truth of Japanese Language

A lot of people have wrong perception toward Japanese language. As a beginner, you need to get rid of the all shit first and hit the nail points on the head.
Developing Speaking Skill Without Being in Japan

Developing Speaking Skill Without Being in Japan

"I’m not in Japan. How can I improve Japanese?
I have been getting this question a million times, so I’m going to tell you the best ways to make it happen.
You will be guaranteed to get drastic improvement.
Prevention of Giving Up

Prevention of Giving Up

I’m really sad that too many foreigners just quit in the middle of learning Japanese journey. Giving up something you really want is the worst thing you could ever do in life. Therefore, I will NOT let that happen.

This course doesn't focus on technical staff like grammar rules, Kanji, Hiragana,etc, since there are already many free resources you can learn those things. It focuses on how to grow faster and keep pushing yourself.

Seeing many Japanese learners, I figured out something.
Most people already have the skills to read, write, listen and even speak. But they either quit soon or have the wrong mindset. This is the bigger problem rather than not knowing the knowledge.

If you're simply looking for the knowledge, this course is not for you. But if you want to have a strong growth mindset, dedication and confidence to speak Japanese, this will help you a lot.

1- Year Money Back Guaranteerefund

You will get a refund whichever your case is;

  • 1

    You’re not totally satisfied with the course for any reason at all.
    So, hypothetically, if you say,

    • Hey, Nobita! I don’t like your face. It’s too ugly to watch. Give me money back!” or,
    • Nobita, your English is too horrible to listen! I want my money back.”,

    I will give you money back.

  • 2

    You didn’t actually see progress within one year after taking the course.
    Let’s say you went through all the contents and you were pretty satisfied. However, if your Japanese level didn’t improve within 365 days even though you followed my advice faithfully and actually implemented what I told you on the course, you can ask me a refund and will get your money back.

When hearing this, all my close friends said,

“What? 1 "year"? I've never heard of that.. Nobita..You’re just completely idiot!"
"You will end up making no money..All your effort and hard work are gonna be just meaningless.."

I know I’m stupid, but this is the risk I definitely have to take. I just need to make sure you absolutely have nothing to lose. Your money is too precious and my first priority is to help people improve Japanese skill. More importantly, I would never be happy to accept money from people who didn't think that they were getting their money's worth. I have no intention to rip off their money.

The last thing I want is that becoming an internet scam, which I used to be the victim many times before.. I really don't want anyone to ever feel that way about my product.

What if many unhappy customers or even most of them asked me money back and I completely messed up?

Well, I’d be so sad about that and be disappointed in myself. But that’s definitely 100% my fault. I cannot blame anyone for the consequence, and I will just make more extra effort to get this course better.

At the end of the day, even if this course ends up no profitable or even making me bankruptcy, it’s much better than ripping off precious money of Japanese learners for a defective product.

(Only One-Time Payment For Lifetime Access. It's Not "Monthly")

Your Instructor



Nobita was born and raised at a small town in Japan.
He is extremely passionate and emotional about achieving his mission, which is helping foreigners find their loves in Japan.

To make it happen, his YouTube channel, “Find your love in Japan” started off at July 22h in 2015, without any interview experience, cameraman, advertisement, connection or even any proper English.

But his passion has been so strong and made him grow as a person exponentially. The unqine style and bold actions on the video attracted and motivated so many Japan lovers from all over the world. In the result, the YouTube channel got more than 35,000 subscribers just within one and a half years, which is miracle for him.


He has been teaching Japanese as a volunteer quite for a long time.
But recently, he decided to change his full time job from a web designer to a Japanese teacher to pursue the passion more.

He said,

I was so sad about leaving my previous job, because it was so much fun. But I have no regret at all. In order to achieve my million, it was just necessary.

I’ve realized that no matter how many times I’m trying to encourage my audience to interact with Japanese people, they don’t take any action as long as they can’t speak Japanese well. I was so stupid I didn’t notice that!

They definitely need to learn Japanese before coming to Japan.
It's not just for dating, the more they can speak Japanese, the more chance their whole lives in Japan get much better.


For this 3 months, he had to work literally 24 hours to make this course happen, because he made countless mistakes/errors and had to go through a lot of setbacks and iterations, and simply because he's too stupid by nature.

Even though he hasn't had any time but teaching Japanese, making YouTube, this online course and eating food to survive, he said,

I have no regret throwing away my all free time (ex. dating, traveling, watching movies, playing video games, etc). I'm happy to choose to have no weekend, no holiday and no free time.

Because I believe what I'm doing will definitely help somebody's life in Japan. I know how much this could help someone who wants to live in Japan. I feel this is my obligation and the biggest reason why I exist in this world. I’m more passinate about helping them rather than spending time for my own.

His strong passion to help foreigners in Japan is getting bigger day by day. His whole life is completely dedicated to accomplish the million.
Nothing will stop him literally until he dies.


Daichi - Nobita's Best Japanese Friend

Ever since we first met, his passion is always gold! I really like his mentality, “Nothing to Lose! Just do it!”

Trust me, you will never see such a passionate and driven native Japanese teacher more than him. I totally agree with what he said, “The more you can speak Japanese, the more you can enjoy in Japan!”. I’ve been talking with so many foreigners and sometimes I wish they could speak Japanese well so that we could get to know each other more.

If you want to talk to us, if you’re willing to communicate and interact with Japanese people, I highly recommend you to take this course. I’m definitely sure his course will work for any Japanese learner who is serious and action taker.


1. How long can I have access to the course?

This is only one time payment!
Which means, once you purchase the course, you will get the lifetime access (unless you ask me a refund or I got sick or died). So, you have 100% control when you start and when you finish. It’s a completely self-paced online course.

2. What kind of people should take this course? What's your target users?

First of all, this is not like grammar textbook or kanji pratice book. It doesn't teach you technical stuff like grammar, Kanji, etc. (You can learn those things everywhere for free.) It mainly focuses on how to grow faster and keep pushing yourself.
And the target users would be;

  • 1Absolute Beginners who don't know anything about Japanese language and are about to start.

    If you are someone who is planning to live in Japan and really wants to improve Japanese but doesn't know what to start first, this course is definitely for you. Almost tailored for you.

    Even if you have completely zero knowledge of Japanese language currently, it will take you on a step-by-step journey. Your chance of success will become 100 times higher.

  • 2People who are losing motivation to study or almost gave up Japanese language right now.

    I see that kind of students a lot. They actually really want to improve the level, but can’t see any progress, and Japanese seems too overwhelming for them. They often find it too hard to motivate themselves to actually take action, and always make excuses. (ex. I’m not talented, I’m too busy, etc)

    If that’s you, you’re in the same boat as I used to be. I used to completely give up English and horribly failed. But I eventually reached the level which I can confidently talk to anyone anytime in English.

    You’re going to be the same after taking the course. I promise that you will never give up and Japanese language becomes your nature if you implement my advice in the course.

    Also, if you are someone who is very snail's pace right now and wants to accelerate the progress, the course also works for you. It will give you a clear direction and a strong power to stick your study plan. Actually, not just Japanese skill, what you’re going to learn can transform in every aspect of your life.

  • 3People who want to focus on developing speaking skill.

    The main purpose of my YouTube channel is that helping you find your love in Japan, so being able to communicate with native Japanese people is the first priority of this course.

    If your only focus is just reading or listening Japanese (or just getting through JLPT) and you don’t need to speak Japanese, this course is probably not for you.

If you are someone who is already more than intermediate level or extremely motivated and the Japanese skills are progressing so well, this course is not for you. You just don't need it.

3. What am I supposed to do in the course?

Inside the course, you’re going to have video lessons and the worksheets which give you specific actions. All you have to do is just implementing that.

This is the biggest difference from normal YouTube videos.
Just watching totally does not work at all in the course. You need to actually take action and get the result. Otherwise, it's going to be completely waste of your money and time.

That’s the biggest reason why I created “paid” online course to cut all people who are not action-taker down.
Most people watch YouTube just as an entertainment. Since it’s "free" videos, it’s not powerful enough to make them take action even if what I tell them is very convincing and actually right.

If you invested your money, you’re subconsciously committed yourself to take action. Also it means you’re actually serious.
This course just provides a roadmap for success of learning Japanese language and doesn’t work for anyone without implementing. And it's totally up to you whether you actually take action or not. So, if you are not serious and willing to actually implement, please do not take this course.

4. What if this course didn't work for me?

Well, I have to say that’s possible.
Although I’m really sure it is guaranteed to work for anyone that follows it faithfully, it might not help you out actually.

That’s why you have 1-Year Money Back Guarantee. After taking the course, if you feel like either;

  • "This course just sucked and didn't appeal to me personally"
  • "The course was pretty good, but my Japanese skill didn’t progress within one year (even though I actually did what Nobita told me)"

just shoot me a email (info@nobi-web.com) and I will give you money back as soon as I can. Because whichever the case is, that's completely my fault 100%. I should deeply apologize for wasting your time.

But in that case, I might ask you the reason why you think the course sucks (just because I want to fix that problem as much as I can). I’d really appreciate if you could tell me that in detail. Your feedback would be incredibly helpful for me to improve this course. Don’t worry, I promise I will NOT blame you whatever your reason is.

You have more questions? I'd be more than happy to personally answer it for you. Email me here: info@nobi-web.com and tell me what you're still curious about. I'll reply to you as soon as possible.

Feedback From Members

  • "Just 3 days after joining NOBI LESSON, I've learned a lot! I'm so surprised I'm incredibly motivated to learn Japanese more than."

    - Alex

  • "I am so thrilled to have signed up for (NOBI LESSON), I definitely highly recommend it for any of you out there who seriously want to learn Japanese.(NOBI LESSON) has so much to offer, many tools, tips for studying and Great motivation from Nobita! himself, throughout the course. After countless attempts trying to learn/memorize the Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana along with Japanese grammar/pronunciation, I have already learned so much more within a few days of taking (NOBI LESSON). どうもありがとうございます Nobita! I hope everyone will take full advantage of this great learning opportunity."

    - Chatty

  • "Nobita's English is awkward and weird as always. LOL;
    But, his passion in this course is contagious and amazing me. I learned so many things in this course. It's not just about Japanese language. What I gained will influence to every aspect of my life."

    - Roberto

  • "The community is very helpful for me. I've learned a lot only by this. Not only Nobita, but also the other members are motivated, respectful and challenging."

    - Anne

  • "The more I take the lesson, the more I get motivation to keep me going."

    - Claudia

  • "So many tips about speaking Japanese is really helpful for me!!"

    - Ding

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